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It's wonderful to see the interiors progressing so well at Copelands. These photos are just a taster of the level of finish and quality that will be evident throughout this substantial new addition to the care offering for the region.  Building work is almost complete and we are excited to be at the final stages.  Recruitment for staff has been very successful and most of the staff posts have been filled.  We are still fundraising to meet our target and only need another £29k to reach it.  

It is a really exciting time for our Copelands project. Not only are we starting the initial stages of the recruitment process but, as these photos show, the building itself is really progressing nicely and looking so impressive in its beautiful setting nestled between the rolling drumlin countryside and the Irish Sea.

The rooftop terrace at the front, the rear enclosed garden space, and even some of the individually painted doors in one of the dementia households, are all looking great and we cannot wait to start welcoming staff and residents alike.


Some of the Copelands Project team paid a quick visit to the site this week to see the wonderful progress that is being made.  The main photo shows the team in the walkway across the roof top garden, while the photo below shows just one of the wings.  It was her first visit to the site for Leona Larkham, Manager of Kirk House (BCM's residential care home).  She says,

"Its absolutely stunning. There are going to be so many happy residents there, I can just picture the joy that home is going to bring to so many people. I would happily move in myself!"

With the major structural work complete, all the windows are now in, half the bedrooms have been plastered and 40% of the steel work for balconies is completed.

It's still a very busy site of course with roofers still hard at work, electricians have 75% of the first fix complete and plumbers are halfway into the fitting and testing of the first fix.

There is no doubt it's getting very busy on site with the building almost watertight! Windows are all in, doors are nearly completed, while the screed has been applied to the rooftop garden.

Time for a quick Copelands update as the work continues at a fantastic pace to have the structure waterproof before winter kicks in. You can see from these photos that the tiles are on the roof and windows are in, with the location and size of the rooftop garden particularly evident. A really exciting stage of the project so thank you for all your continued support and encouragement.

We are excited to be able to share with you some computer generated images of the interior of Copelands.  Our plan has always been to create a space that feels like home while having a touch of luxury.  The plans drawn up by the interior designers reflect our vision well.  

The Brickies are almost finished and the structure is 95% complete.  The roof trusses have now been completed over the Residential households to accommodate our chosen covering, which will be a natural slate finish. Specialist roof details have also been started. The other benefit in having these works so well advanced is that it enables the contractor to introduce other trades. Targets are being met now that a good proportion of the building is water tight. Who says the weather matters NOW!.

If you go down to Millisle today, you're sure of a big surprise!

Last week was a very exciting one on-site at our Copelands project, for two reasons.

Firstly, the roof trusses and beams were being lifted up and put in place, providing a real sense of how the completed structure will look, and a real focal point for anyone driving past.

Building is progressing well. The Ground floor construction is completed and first floor slabs are insitu. You can now get the total feel of the footprint for the entire ground floor. We have now progressed the north of the site and the two residential units will be constructed by the end of the week. The roof trusses are due to be delivered and installed in the coming weeks.

The brick layers will now focus on two of the household's first floors and this will allow the introduction of the roofers to complete the North side.

BCM's Estates & Facilities Manager says,