The structure is 95% complete!

The Brickies are almost finished and the structure is 95% complete.  The roof trusses have now been completed over the Residential households to accommodate our chosen covering, which will be a natural slate finish. Specialist roof details have also been started. The other benefit in having these works so well advanced is that it enables the contractor to introduce other trades. Targets are being met now that a good proportion of the building is water tight. Who says the weather matters NOW!.

The bedrooms have been marked out to allow for tracking to allow first fix for cabling for the electrical. The fluorescent painted lines, to the untrained eye, somewhat represent a bit of calculated graffiti however, we have never been so happy to see pink lines on walls! The windows and doors have been measured  for manufacturing and the mechanical and electrical details have been signed off by both parties. The activity onsite has increased and every week new faces and trades appear.

Additional photos will follow shortly.